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NO.1 You have recommended Aruba 330 APs with Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports for an enterprise
customer that needs very high performance and density. Which product should you recommend at
the access layer of your solution?
A. Aruba 3810 switches
B. HPE 10500 switches
C. Aruba 2920 switches
D. Aruba 2530 switches
Answer: A

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NO.2 Which ArubaOS 8 feature uses multi-user MIMO to ensure that all devices have the fastest
connection at all times?
A. AirMatch
B. Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
C. AirTime Fairness
D. ClientMatch
Answer: D

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NO.3 How do Internet of Things (loT) devices bypass a company's security defenses?
A. They cannot be automatically configured by IT
B. They are particularly vulnerable to malware.
C. They do not have a public key infrastructure.
D. They often go undetected and unmonitored.
Answer: D

NO.4 Which ArubaOS 8 feature dynamically adjusts channel width to fit the density of the
A. ClientMatch
B. Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)
C. AirMatch
D. AirTime Fairness
Answer: C

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